From raw hides to finished warehouse, Caravel covers all stages of production

Caravel is structured to follow every phase of the leather production process. Its sales department takes charge of the customer’s order and follows the entire process through continuous assistance, from the initial indications for selecting the crust to the finished warehousing. Each production phase is also monitored thanks to the internal quality control laboratory, where the hides are tested step by step to meet customer specifications.

Each leather production phase requires precise actions and processes to achieve the final result.

Raw hides
Caravel carefully inspects the raw hides at its suppliers. The selection takes place in the country of origin of the hides. A second check is also carried out after the arrival of the raw hides at the tannery.

The leather processing begins with the so-called “wet phase”. The tanning operations are essential to ensure that the leather stays over time. In this phase, some characteristics such as softness and mechanical resistance are also outlined.

“Crust” is the raw hide that is tanned but not yet finished. Crust hides are placed in stock and, once selected, are put into processing according to customer orders and their specifications. Caravel’s crust warehouse is one of the best stocked in the exotic leather industry.

Selected hides continue the wet processing. The dyeing process confers the required characteristics, such as softness and background dye, through oils and resins.

Once the wet processing phase is completed, the hides are dried. Any residual water is eliminated to submit the hides to the necessary dry finishing procedures.

Finishing determines the final result of the leather in terms of aesthetic performance and physical characteristics. With this step, the leather acquires the required luster, final texture to the touch, final color and any special surface effects.

Finished Warehousing
Once the processing stages are completed, the hides are measured, tested, and prepared for shipment to the final customer.