The luxury market is constantly changing and competitive: a constant stimulus to create new products and renew classics

Caravel’s Research and Development department studies the best technical and stylistic solutions to keep up with the fluidity of the luxury sector.

Thanks to a continuous exchange of stimuli and inspirations between the Style, Research and Development departments, the company offers a wide repertoire of exclusive exotic leathers, capable of conveying emotions and sensations to the end customer.

Luxury is a means of expressing oneself, but it also expresses a heritage of know-how and craftsmanship.

These are the values that Caravel shares, typical of the best ‘Made in Italy’: technical skills, family traditions, craftsmanship, and passion for their craft; but also the desire to experiment, reinterpret aesthetic canons and open up to cultural contamination, to give life to unique products.

In this sense, the customization of the leathers is an essential factor: for Caravel, the customer is always at the center.

Every designer has their own project idea, their own vision, their own creativity; every fashion house has its own style, its own imprint, its own charm. To meet the taste of such a varied and demanding clientele, Caravel has developed a great ability to customize stylistically. In addition, its technical and commercial team guarantees constant assistance to facilitate every phase of the development of the finished product.

In today’s world, innovation is essential and increasingly speaks the language of sustainability.

Caravel aims for an interpretation of luxury capable of fascinating its customers and responsibly involving them in shaping a more sustainable future. For this reason, style research goes hand in hand with concrete actions towards respect for the environment and biodiversity, following precise ethical and social values.