Range of Products

Being a world leader in python and crocodile leathers, in general Caravel Pelli Pregiate S.p.A. produces reptile leathers for High Fashion clothing, leather goods and footwear for the most important International Maisons.

A strategic aspect on which Caravel bases its productive power is represented by its inventory management. The company warehouses (containing raw and crust leather) are constantly supplied with raw materials, in order to fulfill even quantitatively large orders in a very short time.

The wide range of Caravel leathers includes:

  • Crocodile, lizard, alligator, python, Tejus, anaconda, Karung, ostrich, whips, watersnake, and ayers skins
  • Crocodile skins used for leather goods
  • Lizard skins used for leather goods and footwear
  • Reptile skins used for clothing
  • Alligator skins used for footwear

The collections
Caravel Pelli Pregiate S.p.A. offers two collections a year (spring/summer and winter/autumn). These are the result of intensive design research and continuous innovation of its range of articles, that involves the entire production cycle. The creative phase of design is carried out by the Research and Development Department, which cooperates synergistically with our customers’ stylists and designers, anticipating and working hard in order to give a concrete answer in terms of design to the latest fashion trends. Collections are therefore formed by the newest, latest and most innovative finishing solutions and color proposals shown in preview by Caravel during the fairs that anticipate the seasons of international fashion.

Customized articles
Fashion always offers new solutions, innovation and reinterpretations, blending tradition and innovation. Each designer has his own project, vision and creativity. Each Maison has its own style and its own charm. In serving such an evolved and demanding clientele , Caravel has developed the ability to create unique solutions for each client, innovative and distinctive.

Standard and classic articles ready for delivery
Thanks to a warehouse always full of any kind of leather and size, Caravel is able to respond almost immediately to requests for the supply of the types of leather present in the company’s standard list