Selection of fine exotic leathers to shape luxury

Caravel is a world leader in the production of exotic luxury leathers for leather goods, footwear, clothing, watch straps, interior design, and automotive industries.

The company sources its raw materials directly from the countries of origin of the various species it deals with, thanks to direct contacts with its suppliers, and without resorting to agents and intermediaries. In this way, it is able to guarantee full traceability of the entire supply chain.

Color charts

Caravel specializes in the processing of leather from fourteen exotic species from all over the world:

    1. American Alligator – Alligator Mississippiensis
    2. Saltwater Crocodile – Crocodylus Porosus Nile
    3. Crocodile – Crocodylus Niloticus
    4. Caiman Flanks – Caiman Crocodilus Crocodilus
    5. Burmese Python – Python Bivittatus Reticulated
    6. Python – Python Reticulatus Anaconda – Eunectes
    7. Notaeus
    8. Ayers Snake – Homalopsis Buccata
    9. Salmon – Salmo Salar
    10. Karung Snake – Acrochordus Javanicus
    11. Tejus Lizard – Salvator Merianae
    12. Water Monitor Lizard – Varanus Salvator
    13. Ostrich Leg – Struthio Camelus
    14. Ostrich – Struthio Camelus