Caravel’s ethical approach
Caravel Pelli Pregiate SpA, like all companies in the Kering group, effects a policy based on social ethics and ecology. The investments made are in fact always oriented towards the logic of energy saving and environmental compatibility.

References to the system of values ​​Caravel

  • Honesty and transparency
  • Safety and health of workers
  • Development of human resources
  • Valorization of working spaces
  • Respect for the environment and biodiversity
  • Innovation

Employees’ safety and health
People, with their knowledge and skills, with their passion and their motivations, are the foundation on which Caravel wants to elevate its reputation on the market. The attention that the company’s people are able to express, individually or working in teams, in order to satisfy clients besides the quality, innovation of its articles and being able to anticipate market needs, are the factors that make up the main “engine” of its leadership.

So, as a company based on skilled labor rather than on total machinery, Caravel puts the health and safety of its employees in front of everything in total compliance with the laws and regulations governing health and safety at work.

Development of human resources
In a business that bases its success on manual and individual skills, the training of employees is of strategic importance. For this reason, Caravel is committed to the professional growth of its collaborators and employees, supporting their abilities and potentialities, and helping them to update their individual skills through constant training, supported by the latest methodologies and technologies.

Respect for the environment and biodiversity
Being an international player assumes the intake of great responsibility, not only towards its customers and its employees, but more generally in relation to the territory in which it operates and the environment. For this reason, over the years, Caravel has invested in technologies that reduce the environmental impact of working processes in terms of energy efficiency and also reduce the emission of CO2 obtaining an environmental certification according to the UNI EN ISO 14001 requirements. With an eye on environmental protection, Caravel operates in accordance to CITES, the Convention concluded in Washington in 1975 that regulates International Trade regarding endangered species of wild fauna and flora threatened with extinction. The Convention, which 169 countries currently adhere to, attributes “Quotas” that determine the granting of export licenses to its various member suppliers.

Valorization of working spaces
Aware that the workplace is a context in which people spend most of their day, Caravel has always been committed to investing in the quality of its facilities, trying to create environments in which it is easier to live, share, and grow professionally. Environments are designed on a human scale, aesthetically stimulating and equipped with means and technologies, which are constantly updated.

Honesty and transparency
Honesty and transparency are essential elements of Caravel’s business management: initiatives, products, financial statements, communications. Caravel wants anyone who comes into relationship with the company as an organization to evaluate the way it properly respects and fulfills all commitments.

Innovation and the pursuit of quality are concepts not only oriented to the sale of its articles, but represent values in which the Company believes. These values are developed in three main areas:

  • Research and stylistic innovation of Caravel products, devoting significant resources and energy in collaboration with its customers.
  • Improvements regarding the techniques of tanning, dyeing and finishing of leather, in order to ensure strength and durability of its products under all conditions of use.
  • Maintaining and improving high quality standards as regards environmental sustainability and safety at work.