Founded in 1987, Caravel S.p.A., has always excelled in high quality products. A precise strategic choice of the founders who, being able to foresee the potentialities of high quality “made in Italy” products in the field of fine leathers (crocodile, alligator, python and reptiles), invested from the beginning in the selection of top quality raw materials, innovation and, above all, in the old tanning profession: a true art characterized by high technical specialization in which manual skills still have a fundamental importance.

The foresight, the concreteness and the great competence in relations with customers demonstrated in the first years of work, allowed the company to gain the confidence of some of the leading global brands in the market of luxury leather. They chose Caravel as their favored supplier for the production of their collections.

In this context in 2001, the Gucci Group through Gucci logistics, decided to acquire 51% of the company, which, in the interim, was experiencing a time of further expansion. The first important step taken in the new Caravel Pelli Pregiate S.p.A., in keeping up with the quantitative and qualitative customer demands, was the designing and building of a newer and larger plant.

Therefore, after abandoning the old site in the industrial area of Fucecchio (FI), between 2004 and 2005, the new Caravel plant and executive offices were built in the industrial area of Castelfranco di Sotto (PISA).

The remaining history is recent history: in 2008 Gucci Logistics S.p.A. acquired the remaining 49% of the shares becoming the only shareholder with a Share Capital of € 100,000.00.

Since 1999, Gucci Logistics S.p.A. has become a member of the French group Kering with:

  • Group revenues of €10 billion, operating income of €1.7 billion in 2014,
  • 38% of revenues generated in emerging markets,
  • Kering brands are distributed in more than 120 countries,
  • more than 37,000 employees at the end of 2014.