The management of Caravel has always demonstrated concreteness and foresight for high- quality production

Over the years, the company has grown, becoming a reference supplier for the most important luxury and high fashion brands. Today, it continues to look to the future, combining product quality with greater sustainability throughout the supply chain, which it directly controls.

Caravel Pelli Pregiate was founded. The company started its production activity in the heart of the Tuscan leather district, combining craftsmanship and innovation.

The Gucci Group acquired the majority of the company.

The new headquarters in Castelfranco di Sotto was inaugurated: 10,000 square meters between executive offices, production, and warehouses.

The Gucci Group became the sole shareholder of Caravel.

The company began its path towards production sustainability by obtaining the first certifications (ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001).

Caravel came under the direct control of the Kering Group, fully sharing its ethical, social, and environmental values.

In response to growing market demands, the internal leather traceability system was adapted, improved, and included in a certified procedure within the ISO 14001 context. 2019:
Expansion of the headquarters in Castelfranco di Sotto: a total of 15,000 square meters today between executive offices, production, and warehouses.

Certification updates: migration from OHSAS 18001 to the new ISO 45001 standard.

Caravel obtained the LWG (Silver Rated) certification, which confirms its commitment to continue improving its corporate sustainability management.