Fall Winter 2022/23


Caravel is among the most established tanneries in the world and supplies famous international fashion houses. Its main mission is to create exclusive and innovative products that combine creativity and sustainability in the production process. With the ability to astonish and fascinate, Caravel leathers are primarily intended for the luxury market in the following sectors:...

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Caravel is a world leader in the production of exotic luxury leathers for leather goods, footwear, clothing, watch straps, interior design, and automotive industries. The company sources its raw materials directly from the countries of origin of the various species it deals with, thanks to direct contacts with its suppliers, and without resorting to agents...

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Caravel is structured to follow every phase of the leather production process. Its sales department takes charge of the customer's order and follows the entire process through continuous assistance, from the initial indications for selecting the crust to the finished warehousing. Each production phase is also monitored thanks to the internal quality control laboratory, where...

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