Autumn Winter 2017/18


A leading company in the industry worldwide, specializing in tanning, finishing and marketing of high-quality leather and exotic (American alligator, whip, python, karung, tejius, lizard, crocodile and ayers) for the industry of high fashion (shoes, leather and clothing), and is one of the preferred suppliers of some of the most famous international brands. The excellence...

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Being a world leader in python and crocodile leathers, in general Caravel Pelli Pregiate S.p.A. produces reptile leathers for High Fashion clothing, leather goods and footwear for the most important International Maisons. A strategic aspect on which Caravel bases its productive power is represented by its inventory management. The company warehouses (containing raw and crust...

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Once imported, and then stored in warehouses, skins undergo a complex treatment process that still today retains the character of high craftsmanship. The processes of finishing and coloring of the skins especially require great experience and highly developed manual skills. In Caravel, almost all manufacturing processes are performed in-house under the supervision of highly skilled...

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