Uncompromising quality

Mankind moves his own limits and knowledge every day forward, in a process that tends instinctively to improvement. Today, more than ever, in a constantly evolving market such as fashion, the one who hesitates, is lost. The one who doesn’t call into question, who refuses to learn, to understand, to grow or to change, is doomed to have no future.

Thus, the operating philosophy of Caravel is inspired by a concept that characterizes the various areas of the High Fashion market: quality pursued constantly, uncompromisingly, in all its aspects and all along the production chain. For this reason, from the selection of raw materials through to final delivery to the customer, everything must be characterized by continuous improvement that increases progressively the level of quality and organizational efficiency, without neglecting the aspects of safety, environmental protection and social ethics.

Areas of application of the concept “quality without compromises” in the Caravel production chain:

  • Careful selection of raw materials
  • Highly skilled labor
  • Efficient production processes, technologies and suitable work spaces
  • Customer-oriented flexibility: from samples to large quantities
  • Research, design development, innovation and custom-made articles
  • Quality control
  • Focus on customers