In 2021, LWG certified Caravel as Silver Rated, recognizing its commitment to more sustainable production.

On July 30, 2021 Caravel obtained the LWG certification, an award aimed at rewarding companies in the tanning industry that manage Quality, Environment, Safety and Ethics in a systemic way. Created in 2005, the LWG (Leather Working Group) protocol is recognized worldwide. Its international group now involves more than 1000 members of the leather supply chain including tanneries, third party suppliers, industry brands and traders. Their common goal, is to improve the environmental impact of the tanning industry globally, and to promote sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

Over the years, Caravel has developed its business model considering the environmental and social aspects necessary for sustainable development as central. This has been done through targeted investments, with constant attention to people, production processes and environmental impact. The best practices in terms of internal processes, management of environmental resources, traceability, and business ethics have therefore been certified with the Silver Rated LWG recognition. The audit focused on the many aspects mentioned above and also involved Caravel’s main subcontractors, who were in turn audited through mini-audits.

The LWG certification is therefore an achievement for Caravel, but also a starting point. The recognition is an invitation to keep the good practices acquired over time, but above all a drive towards innovation and continuous improvement of processes and products to be pursued always in respect of sustainability.