Premiere Vision, Paris 19-21 sept. (PAD. 3  / 3E53 – 3F54)
Linea Pelle, Milan 25-27 sept. (PAD. 13 / K09 – L10)

Moroccan Pink
Pastel shades blend with intense and burnt colours aimed to recreate warm and elegant Moroccan atmosphere. Ancestral and exotic objects influence oxidized textures with coppery colours. Modern techniques of digital printing on natural background give way to a vintage allure due to corrosion effects while respecting the leather.

Victorianity/Northern soul
The mystery of the English countryside wraps hand-painted pythons with rich effects of golden lamina; alligators with an elitist taste recreate the past of a worn-out chesterfield. Elements of the undergrowth enhance the scales with warm colours and soft effects.

Ghost Town + White Noise
Industrial settings inspire cracked textures with a metallic appearance. The palette is rigorous but with bright accents that translate into a silver-gray striped colour block alternated with bright reds. There is also room for revisiting baroque laminae in a contemporary interpretation using carbonized surfaces.

Copenhagen Crisp
3D waves harass the surface of alligator skins with the shiny movements echoing the reflexions of Nordic lakes. Games of golden joinery on glass blue surfaces recall ancient Japanese pottery.

Neon Lights
Eccentricity and new technologies coexist in pythons and alligators with multiform explosions and luminescent colours, which are materialized on black backgrounds of absolute equilibrium. The audacious and vibrant pigments of colourful padding refer to cosmic rainbows of Klimtian flavour.