Customer-oriented flexibility: from samples to great production

The customer and his production needs are a fundamental key reference point for Caravel. Thanks to the professionalism and high production capacity, which can count on one of the most equipped and capacious warehouses of raw materials and crust skins in all of Europe, Caravel S.p.A. is able to respond in a very short time and with extreme flexibility to the requests for samples and small production orders, but also to the more articulated and numerically higher ones. In this sense, thanks to a wide range of articles which are always available, the Caravel’s main goal is to be perfectly integrated with its customers’ needs, production methods and time deadlines. The constant supply of its warehouses is therefore planned according to seasonal fashion, so that the average amount of leathers in storage is always adequate to guarantee every kind of demand.

Average stock:

  • Salted raw skins: 6,500
  • Dry raw skins: 7,500
  • Crust skins: 28,000
  • Ready for delivery skins: 87,000